Option 2 

If you are unsure of shopping online, simply CONTACT US! Just send us the code number or link of the item/s you would like and we will check the availability and offer you a quotation.

Our shipping costs are calculated on the size of the packaged item. If you decide to proceed, we require the full purchasing amount in advance.  You may pay cash by visiting our warehouse or

by transfer to our UK Bank Account.  As soon as we have received the monies, we will proceed

with your order.  The shipping costs are paid

when your item is in Malta.

Option 1

Contact us for our UK address, shop online yourself ordering your item/items and sending all to our UK address. 

We will take care of the rest informing you every step of the way and then inform you when your item/items arrive here in Malta and are ready to collect from our Tarxien warehouse or have them delivered to your door!

Where can I shop from in the UK?

Virtually anywhere, here are some store examples below or click on the red bar below for direct store websites online to start shopping!

about US

How does it work?

why choose us?

Trotters is not just another courier or shipping company, the way we work is unique. Trotters is your Personal Shopper and we manage your purchase for you every step of the way. It couldn’t be simpler!

Trotters Independent Traders is your Personal Shopper for the UK to Malta

Whether you are shopping for your personal wardrobe, toys for the kids, furnishing your home or office, or even stocking your business, we adapt our services to suit you

We offer the ultimate in door-to-door service. What’s more it is far cheaper than you would think .

Our personal service not only ensures we can get any UK product for you, but we will also ship personal items that you have in the UK that need to get to Malta.

Presently, we are assisting a large number of people monthly with their shopping in the UK from stores such as Argos, IKEA, B&Q, Tesco, Asda, Toys R Us, Smyths... the list is endless also including Amazon and eBay for items from sellers that don't ship to Malta, not a problem we will do it for you!

We take the pressure off your shoulders and save you money on your shipping.

We can also arrange for shipments from Malta back to the UK upon request.

We ship every 2 weeks from our UK hub in Hertfordshire and shipment time is normally between 5 to 7 days.

Tarxien: +356 9980 4009       UK +44  7931 746110    email: trotters.malta@gmail.com

We are your Personal Shopper in Malta from the UK. We can purchase items from any UK store or UK online services. Simply send us the item code numbers via e.mail to: trotters.malta@gmail.com and we will offer you a quotation. We can also help with your move to Malta or back to the UK! Don't delay, contact us today!

Tal-Barrani Road, Tarxien, TXN9020